About Us

Who We Are

Community Development Network (CDN) was founded in 2013 as a registered organization in Cameroonian organization and registered as 501c3 organization in the United States in 20117; with the aim of promoting rural development and supporting less privileged and marginalized communities in Cameroon and the United States.

CDN is involved in development and humanitarian activities in education, health and capacity building for children, youths, women and persons with disability across communities of rural Cameroon. We work towards alleviating poverty and improve the standard of life for those in need.

What We Do

  • Facilitate access to basic education and training opportunities for children and youths as well as support with scholarships, supplies extra curricular activities.
  • Capacity building and access to entrepreneurship and career ¬†training opportunities to help curb unemployment and facilitate access to jobs and generate income to support themselves and family.
  • Raise Awareness and Sensitization campaigns and workshops on primary healthcare, hygiene, immunization, vaccination and access to healthcare and medical supplies for better and healthy living.
  • Promote community engagement and a sense of responsibility for its people through programs and activities¬† that enhance community leadership and a strong sense of civic responsibility.
  • Organize and promote work and cultural exchanges between local and international volunteers to share experiences, skills, knowledge, culture and come together towards building better communities.
  • Promote food security in local communities in agricultural ventures and the use of new techniques in order to maximize yield in produce from farming and animal rearing.

… Uniting Efforts for a Brighter Future!