Dental Hygiene

There is little or no access to proper oral health care in many areas across Cameroon, with the few dentists available based in the cities. Where there are dental clinics, dental care is expensive and unaffordable for many and usually restricted only to curative services. Insufficient oral care training and education for health workers, who are the people responsible for educating Africa on preventative health care, leads to serious challenges in the pursuit of Africa’s oral health.

Our Dental Hygiene Project focuses on improving the oral health for all by providing basic oral hygiene education that will significantly improve and promote healthier behaviors. Knowledge and awareness are critical but they alone cannot create a brushing habit. The change in behavior needed to brush day and night every day can happen only when it becomes a social norm. This is where CDN comes in with practical, simple, educative and cost effective strategies.

We teach children and youths good oral hygiene, and together with education about avoiding risk factors like sugar consumption and regular dental brushing every day, day and night, can help maintain optimal oral health into old age. We don’t just want to hand kids a toothbrush and toothpaste, we want to restore their dignity and empower them with knowledge for them to learn practice and make better decisions on their oral health.


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