Malaria Eradication

The rapid unplanned urbanization affecting major sub-Saharan Africa cities is considered to be responsible for the proliferation of mosquitoes, such as Anopheles and Culex species which carry and spread malaria. Malaria is highly endemic in Cameroon, meaning our entire population of 27 million people is exposed to the disease on a regular basis and WHO estimates that about 11 000 people die from malaria in Cameroon every year making it a disease of importance in our country.

Community Development Network has partnered with local organizations to help fight malaria across communities especially the distribution of bed nets and seasonal malaria chemoprevention. Through community awareness workshops, we strive to increase people’s knowledge of vectors, use of protection measures, mosquito breeding habitats, symptoms of malaria. We promote prevention strategies like using treated bed nets, insecticide sprays/ coils and management of potential breeding areas for mosquitoes like ditches, trash disposal and stagnant water bodies.

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